Mount Nod Primary

Extra Curricular Activities

At Mount Nod we endeavour to develop strengths in all areas. 

Our wide ranging extra curricular activities enable children to learn new skills, improve existing skills and have the opportunity to mix socially with different children.

We regularly change clubs to ensure many different interests are catered for.  Please look out for new clubs and activities on our newsletter.

Over the last academic year the following clubs have taken place...

Lunchtime Clubs

  • Cross country
  • Choir
  • Sewing club
  • Walk on Wednesday
  • Coventry Inspiration book club
  • Shadowing Kate Greenaway book group
  • Netball
  • Board game table
  • Homework Club

Before and After School Clubs

  • LG football (three different age groups)
  • Film Club
  • Drama / Digital Creativity group
  • Short tennis
  • Running club
  • Street Dance
  • Cheerleading (pom and stunt groups)
  • Multi sports